we Track the status of donations made in the fight against COVID-19 and how they are used

COVID-19 Statistics

View the COVID infection statistics in your country and remain in the know about the current state of the pandemic in your area.

Please remeber to wear a mask and carry hand sanitiser were possible if you have to leave your home.

COVID-19 Tracker

Total Donations

Donations have come both in cash and in kind over the duration of the pandemic. These donations are from multiple corporates, government and non-government organisatons, individuals and national programs. Thank you all who've given so far.

The fight is not over yet

Good Hygiene

Please remember to wash your wash frequently with soap and running water

Protect Your Family

Adhere to the lock-down protocols and reduce unnecessary contact with non-essential personnel

Sanitise Regularly

Follow up the washing of hands with generous use of an alcohol based hand sanitiser

Keep Reading

Protect yourself from fake news. Stick to official announcements from WHO & other reputable sources